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poorly we want to do more to help people feel better by reducing the taxes which is exactly what we're doing. all of this will be put at risk if we give up on reducing the deficit and being responsible economic policies. the that is what the opposition would give us a higher mortgage rate and higher taxes, just what hard-working families don't need. >> does the prime minister think it is fair that a fat pregnant woman will now have to pay 1200 pounds to take the maternity discrimination case to the ?mployment >> the one thing we have done is make sure that people don't earn those rights until they have worked for two years. i think that is the right approach. >> thank you, mr. speaker. thanks to the chancellor's economic policies, unemployment fell by 10% last month. sinceat its lowest level september 2008. many of those jobs were created in small businesses who now have the confidence to invest. will the prime minister commit to supporting the small businesses to help us grow the economy? >> my honorable friend is quite right. my honorable friend is just talk about helping people b
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1